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Medicare Freebies You May Be Passing On

Most people will agree that the cost of healthcare continues to rise. Many seniors struggle to pay these increased costs while leaving free services on the table. These are services designed to improve your health and wellness. While some may not utilize the services because they do not realize they exist, others may not know they are a part of their plan. What are these free services, and how to best take advantage of them? Read on for more information.

Annual Wellness Visit

Because of the frequent doctor visits many seniors require, most do not think to use or schedule an annual wellness visit. During this visit, the doctor will not only perform routine health assessments but may ask questions to check your cognitive health. They will also use this visit to offer personalized health advice. 

But did you know that you can also get free help planning your end-of-life care during your annual wellness visit? Your doctor can help you plan out and complete your advanced care directive. This directive spells out your wishes. While this is free during your annual wellness visit, you must pay your co-pay or co-insurance if you schedule it as a separate visit.


Have you shied away from getting certain immunizations or vaccinations because of the potential costs? Your Medicare health plan covers most of these at no cost to you. Recommended vaccinations for most seniors include the following:

While you need to discuss these with your doctor to see what they recommend, if recommended, they are free.

Preventative Screenings

Another advantage of your Medicare health plan is the numerous preventative screenings the program offers you for free. These screenings may help prevent illnesses, diseases, and other health issues.

In addition to prevention, screenings can also catch diseases at early stages while treatment is still viable. Some free screenings available under most Medicare health plans include:

The frequency of these screenings will vary. 

Diabetic Footwear

If you have diabetes, you know the importance of caring for your feet. Many times, diabetic nerve damage frequently attacks your feet. Because of your diabetes, you may require therapeutic shoes or inserts. Therapeutic footwear promotes comfort and decreases the chances of developing foot ulcers or sores that may lead to infection. Many Medicare health plans include these are a part of your plan.

Contact a Medicare health plan provider to learn more.